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Church brings farm goodness to Clarksville
Organic lovers can receive bounty of fresh produce weekly

If serving freshly picked, locally grown, pesticide-free food to your family appeals to you, you need to get in on the new Community Supported Agriculture project. A ministry of St. John's Episcopal Church in Clarksville and Doalnara Restoration Society in Dover, the CSA delivers boxes of organic produce to members every Wednesday now through November.

Those who sign up pay $20 per box of vegetables in advance. Produce included will be an assortment of whatever is ripe and fresh on delivery day, and will vary from week to week, month to month. The selection includes:


  • snow peas

  • beans

  • bok choy

  • broccoli

  • cabbage

  • Chinese cucumbers

  • collards

  • parsley

  • Italian eggplant

  • Japanese eggplant

  • kale

  • lettuce

  • leeks

  • green onions

  • green, yellow and red bell peppers

  • pumpkins

  • radishes

  • spinach

  • squash

  • zucchini

  • sweet potatoes

  • tomatoes

  • basil

  • garlic

  • watermelon

  • Chinese melon

    Catherine Smith, who is organizing the CSA through St. John's Episcopal Church, says each 11-by-14-inch box of produce is enough to feed a family of four for a week.

    "The variety changes as we move through the growing season, and the amount increases as we draw to the peak of the season, which is around mid-July," she says. "In July, the box will be overflowing."

    Vegetable boxes delivered today will include green lettuce, red leaf lettuce, bok choy, spinach, kale, swiss chard, arugula, green onions, beets, garlic, snow peas, basil and radishes. Those who wish to join the cooperative should call or e-mail Smith this week in order to participate starting next week.

    In addition to being 100 percent chemical-free, the vegetables are local, grown on the organic farm at Doalnara Restoration Society in Dover.

    "She is our organic evangelist," Andy Yoo, a farmer at Doalnara, says about Smith.

    Although the farm was originally created to feed the 128 people who live at Doalnara, it has grown to the point that Doalnara now ships its produce to retailers around the country. However, there has been little opportunity for the local community to taste the bounty of Doalnara until the CSA began this month.

    "There are vegetables they're introducing in the boxes for the CSA they we've never tried before, so it's an adventure for all of us," Smith says.

    In addition to produce, boxes will include information about the vegetables inside.

    "Each week we'll put in the benefits of each vegetable, how to store it, how to prepare it," says Shay Eastwick, a holistic health counselor based out of Oasis Spa & Center for Wellbeing in Clarksville. Eastwick is assisting Smith with the CSA and recruiting her clients as CSA members.

    People who join the CSA are required to sign up for multiple weeks in advance.

    "Instead of ordering specific veggies, you pay a base fee and the farmer delivers what is fresh and ready at the time," Smith says. "This takes pressure off of the farmer and allows him to use what is available."

    Those who sign up for deliveries beginning June 28 will pay $170, which will provide produce through August. Members will then pay $250 in August, which will cover produce through October.

    Stacy Smith Segovia can be reached by telephone at 245-0237 or through e-mail at stacysegovia@theleafchronicle.com.

    Originally published June 21, 2006

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    Alicia Archuleta/The Leaf-Chronicle

    Sesame leaves lie on a table waiting to be bundled for an organic vegetable box at Doalnara farms in Dover.

    If you go


    WHEN: 11-by-14-inch boxes of fresh, organic produce are delivered 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays

    WHERE: Grace Lutheran Church, 2041 Madison St.

    COST: $20 per box, which must be paid in advance. Those who wish to begin receiving deliveries June 28 will pay $170, which will cover deliveries through August. In August, members will pay $250, which covers deliveries through October.

    CALL: Catherine Smith, 553-0378, or e-mail smithcath erine@bellsouth.net

    ONLINE: http://www.stjohnsclarksville.org/

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    Alicia Archuleta/The Leaf-Chronicle

    This box of organically grown vegetables from Doalnara Farms in Dover contains beets, radishes, cucumbers and greens.

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    Alicia Archuleta/The Leaf-Chronicle

    These English cucumbers were grown organically on Doalnara farms.

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