Dear CSA Family,

   Doalnara Farm and Clarksville CSA will be implementing a new system of distributing half-share boxes beginning August 16th. Half-share holders will be picking up their full box every other week. Shay will let you know what group you fall into and which week to come pick up your full boxes. If anyone would rather share a full box every week and split it yourself with a partner, please let Shay know so she can help to pair you up with someone who wants do the same.

   I apologize for having to make these drastic changes so far into the season and we understand that this may not initially be as convenient a system as you have come to expect. However, we at the farm, having a far greater number of half-share holders than anticipated, quickly learned we were short on preparation time and laborers. In fact, packing has taken almost double the amount of work we had estimated. It became necessary to find a new way of distributing half-shares without sacrificing the quality or quantity of the vegetables. To do this we studied how other CSA farms accommodate large numbers of shareholders. We learned that they implement a biweekly system such as the one we are now starting. The managers of these farms tell us they have been doing it this way for years with great success. After many hours of thought and conversation within our CSA team, we determined this new system would best serve the capabilities of the farm as well as maintain the integrity of the product you all now enjoy.

   Some of you may be concerned about whether the vegetables can say fresh for two weeks. I assure you they can. Indeed the freshest produce in the supermarket are already 10 days to 2 weeks old when you buy them, depending on their original location and travel time. Our farms¡¯ produce is harvested the day of delivery, so two weeks in your refrigerator will only better ripen the vegetables.

   We acknowledge that we are making changes to the original contract you had all agreed to and for this we are deeply sorry. That being said, we now appeal to you, our shareholders, to accept this new means of half-share distribution for the remainder of the season. Your support of our CSA program is needed now more than ever.

    As you have undoubtedly experienced yourselves, Doalnara is also encountering an extreme drought this year. We at the farm have been working many extra hours to ensure that our crop¡¦your crop does not suffer. We give our thanks to God for His blessing every time we see all of the healthy, organic vegetables in your share boxes every week. It is our honor to be able to provide this fine produce to you and your families.

Thank you!


Very truly,

Andy Yoo

General Manager, Doalnara Organic Farm.

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