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 What goals do Doalnara Organic Farm people strive for?  

 What is Doalnara?

Doalnara is a Korean word when literally translated means “Stone Country.”
Doalnara refers to the society of people that live together with similar goals,
Whose characters are firm and whose hearts are unchanging as stone.


Our first goal is environmental restoration. One important facet is restoring our diseased farmlands.

Lands polluted by various agricultural pesticides, herbicides, and chemical

fertilizers are restored through natural and/or organic agricultural methods.

We use available technology while developing our own through research and development.


Our second goal is to restore our health. When agricultural products are grown in natural
and/or organic methods, the produce we consume is free from any harmful and/or toxic chemicals.
A clean environment and the consumption of pollution-free produce are conducive to a healthy body.


The third goal is to restore our way of thinking. Our style of agriculture is geared to place the environment
and the safety and health of others first. Our final goal can be summed up in a Korean saying -

"Honor heaven and love mankind."

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